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Supporting the design of a commercial biofuels plant

Campaigns testing integrated syngas production and processing systems are being carried out at GTI’s gasification campus in support of biomass-to-liquids (BTL) process development. Testing has provided Andritz (commercializer of GTI’s biomass gasification technology) and their client UPM-Kymmene, a global forestry company, with process data to support the design of a commercial biofuels plant in Europe. Environmental assessments for commercial projects were completed for two sites, and in 2012 the European Commission selected to support through the NER-300 program a commercial plant in France at a nominal 5000 BBL/day production capacity.

E.ON joined the project team as a cosponsor, which demonstrated most of the core technology necessary for their biomass to SNG interest, and later announced an agreement with Andritz for a project based on the technology.