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Example of a bulldozer used in the mining of coal.

Reduction of market and technology risk is what drives GTI’s program in gasification. GTI works with clients as their development partner for gasification technologies. We help our partners demonstrate technical innovations, new feedstock applications, and better process integration to lower costs and increase reliability. Projects are tailored to meet the needs of each client and each technology development effort. We work on a confidential basis to bring process and technology concepts to maturity, with experts employing specialized testing capabilities from laboratory to large pilot scale.

We have been actively involved in gasification research and development (R&D) for over 60 years, and have extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of gasification systems, including seven trademarked processes.


Key Initiatives
  • Optimizing U-GAS® applications
  • Small footprint dry solids pump for low-cost power from gasification
  • More economical capture of greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants with oxy-fired pressurized fluidized bed combustion
  • Advancing R-GAS™ entrained flow coal gasification
  • Technologies for low-cost coal conversion to high-hydrogen syngas and jet fuel
  • Proving a concept and validating the process for coal gasification
  • Lowering costs for syngas cleanup of coal gasification systems with SR2

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