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Cleaning up mid-stream to lower cost of meeting pipeline specifications

Much of the domestic natural gas produced requires the removal of contaminants before the gas can be transported, and this midstream cleanup is a significant contributor to the total cost of production. GTI has technology platforms and expertise in natural gas cleanup systems.

Morphysorb® acid gas removal physical solvent has several unique and desirable properties for treating high concentrations of acid gas. This technology is licensed to Uhde, a partner with GTI in its development, and has been commercially deployed for natural gas processing.

GTI has also developed a multi-component clean-up process for sulfur removal and recovery from natural gas. It has the potential to significantly reduce the complexity and costs of the current clean-up train. The process has been independently estimated to substantially reduce the cost of sulfur recovery by replacing traditional Claus and tail-gas treating units. Testing is under way of a co-current reactor design to further reduce capital costs.