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Researcher holding a jar of gasoline produced in the IH2 process

GTI has developed several technical solutions to produce biofuels and bio-methane, including thermochemical processes based on gasification and pyrolysis, as well as various routes for production of bio-gas and high-quality bio-methane. GTI innovations in biomass gasification and anaerobic digestion technologies have been commercialized, and a new thermal catalytic process to directly produce renewable drop-in liquid transportation fuels has been licensed for commercial deployment.

Key Initiatives
  • Producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from woody biomass
  • Making green gasoline in an integrated biorefinery
  • Using IH catalytic thermochemical process to produce transportation fuels from renewable resources
  • Using liquefaction technology to create bio-LNG
  • Providing valuable insight on new research in thermochemical biomass conversion
    Market Results

    Our R&D efforts have bottom-line impact for our business and industry partners. Read some success stories on how GTI technologies for gasification are adding resources to the energy portfolio.​​

    Contact us: energy.conversion@gastechnology.org


  • Energy Conversion Commercialized Products
  • Integrated Biofuels Technology R&D
  • Gasification Technology Development
  • Syngas Generation and Processing
  • Syngas Cleanup and Separation Technologies