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Example of materials testing at GTI's labs.
Materials and Analytical Testing

Our laboratory (accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 on certificate 2139.01 and 2139-04) specializes in performing ASTM and ISO tests, as well as customized analysis of metals, plastics, and composite materials for the natural gas, power generation, water and other industries.


Chemical Research Services

For more than 40 years, GTI has been providing a wide range of energy measurement services unavailable in most commercial laboratories. They are used by energy companies and others to characterize a variety of materials, ensure efficient operation of gas-measuring equipment, and help improve the quality of the products they sell. We provide complete laboratory services for natural gas, biogenically derived gas, coal, liquid fuels, and other materials for the natural gas and power generation industries. Work is performed in a laboratory accredited by A2LA in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 on certificate 2139.01 and 2139-04.

GTI also received accreditation for three new tests for liquid hydrocarbon analysis in 2014. These new test methods are: ASTM D664 (for acid number of petroleum products by potentiometric titration), ASTM D5291 (for instrumentation determination of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen in petroleum products and lubricants), and ASTM D5622 (for determination of total oxygen in gasoline and methanol fuels by reductive pyrolysis). Currently, these tests are supporting the work being done at GTI to advance the patented IH2® technology—a catalytic thermochemical process that provides a cost-effective route to producing liquid transportation fuels from renewable sources.


MIC Testing

GTI offers a microbial corrosion testing service that directly detects and quantifies (without prior growth) corrosion-causing microorganisms typically found in pipes, production wells, and other equipment used by the natural gas, petroleum, chemical, water, produced water and wastewater industries.

GTI Testing Laboratories is one of only a few laboratories in the world that offers accredited DNA testing for microbial corrosion-causing microbe populations and is the first U.S. lab to receive A2LA accreditation for microbial corrosion testing services. qPCR is a molecular biological method used to quantify the total number of microbial organisms responsible for microbial-influenced corrosion (MIC) from liquid, gas, and solid samples. Among the organisms targeted by GTI’s qPCR testing are total bacteria, total archaea, sulfate-reducing bacteria, sulfate-reducing archaea, acid-producing bacteria (acetic and butyric acid producers), iron-oxidizing bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, and methanogens.


Environmental and Forensics Testing

Our environmental forensic tools and trace environmental analyses can be leveraged to identify contaminants in air, water, soil, and sediment.


Commercial Kitchen Site Surveys, Facility Design and Equipment Specification Guidance

Fisher-Nickel, Inc. (FNI), a GTI subsidiary, is a professional services firm with deep expertise in commercial kitchen energy efficiency and appliance performance testing.

FNI provides design consultations that help business owners, operators, specifiers, and consultants to design and specify equipment for maximum efficiency in foodservice establishments.

FNI also offers comprehensive site audit services that examine the HVAC, refrigeration, kitchen equipment, lighting, and sanitation systems of commercial foodservice operations, culminating in a list of recommended actions to cut energy use and costs.

FNI has extensive experience garned from operating the PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), a fuel-neutral scientific testing facility, for the past 25+ years. Under the FSTC program, FNI has developed over 40 standard test methods (STMs), impacted energy efficiency codes and standards, produced appliance reports and documentation, conducted training and education seminars, provided site surveys and audits, and supported customer management efforts for the commercial foodservice industry.


Commercial Kitchen Appliance Testing

Fisher-Nickel, Inc. (FNI), a GTI subsidiary, is a professional services firm with deep expertise in commercial kitchen energy efficiency and appliance performance testing. With a 25+ year history of operating PG&E’s FSTC fuel-neutral scientific testing facility, FNI has the expertise to provide objective, accurate equipment test services for manufacturers and end-users to determine the energy and performance characteristics of foodservice equipment and produce reports and documentation.

FNI also help develop the Energy Star® Program for Commercial Food Service, which they continue to support.


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