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Sustaining Membership Program: The Flame of Innovation


As the underlying drivers of today's energy world continue into coming decades, we must strategically plan and implement multiple generations of new technologies. Without new technology options, the world we live in will have to make very difficult choices in the future with issues such as economic growth, employment, standard-of-living, energy security and environmental impacts.

Sustaining Membership Program (SMP), a collaborative research and development (R&D) program managed and performed by Gas Technology Institute (GTI), is addressing the looming challenges to truly achieve a sustainable energy system in the long-term. Since 1985, the program has been providing solutions to the natural gas industry, manufacturers, and natural gas ratepayers.

SMP's mission is to build a strong technology base in natural gas operations, energy utilization, environmental science and renewable energy; to create new, innovative solutions through "proof of concept" that address the most important industry needs; and to provide early-stage R&D that serves as the building blocks of subsequent commercial research efforts.

R&D is a system of interconnected activities. SMP is the first step of this system. Members collectively leverage experience, expertise and funds to reduce risk and uncertainty of R&D to help push clean, safe energy solutions on a path toward future gains. SMP develops the technology through "proof of concept," the point at which the most promising technologies are continued through short- to mid-term R&D programs, implemented by organizations such as Operations Technology Development (OTD) and Utilization Technology Development (UTD).

SMP enables the energy innovation lifecycle and connects the present to the possible future. This forward-thinking philosophy positions SMP as "the flame of innovation" of natural gas R&D.

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Building a strong technology base to address the most important industry and natural gas consumer needs.
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