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KGC Meeting Information


​Get the latest information on keyhole technology meetings.

Fall 2017 Keyhole Meeting

November 8-9, 2017 – PG&E Training Facility Winters, CA


Meeting Presentations:
  • Keyhole Technology Consortium Program Meeting Overview Presentation
  • Avista - Gas Facility Replacement Program Keyhole Technology Presentation
  • Peoples Gas/Contractors Training & Implementation Presentation
  • Ox Equipment Presentation
  • PG&E Presentation
  • Spire Presentation
  • Tellus Underground Technology Presentation
  • The Ins and Outs of Core Restoration & Utilibond Presentation
  • Vac Group Presentation
  • Vacmasters Air-Vacuum Excavation Presentation
  • Keyhole Fall Meeting 2017 Attendees
  • Keyhole Fall Meeting 2017 Agenda

    Spring 2014 Meeting

    April 2-3, 2014 – Queststar Gas


    Meeting Information:
  • Spring 2014 Keyhole Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Presentations:
  • GTI Spring 2014 Meeting Overview Presentation
  • Trenchless Natural Gas Incidents - A Need for Best Practices
  • HDD Incident Information
  • GTI Contractor Training Program
  • TELLUS Training and Procedure Presentation
  • Questar Digital Mapping Process (Coming Soon)
  • Tracto Technik - Keyhole in Eurpoe and Keyhole Drilling Machine
  • TT Technologies - Split and Pull Highlights
  • Vactor HXX Vacuum Excavation
  • Utilicor Coring Machine Comparison
  • TELLUS Gas Evacuator System
  • GDF Keyhole Update
  • Canada Keyhole Updates
  • GTI Coating and Wrapping in Keyholes Update
  • TELLUS Corrosion Protection
  • GTI Soil Compaction Supervisor Project Update
  • PipeWinch - Steel Service Line Replacement System

    Other Keyhole Information from the meeting:
    Trenchless Best Practices
  • Trenchless Guidelines Task Team
  • Trenchless Best Practices Strawman (DRAFT)
  • ​ 

    Captured Needs and Issues
  • Utility Needs and Issues
  • ​ 

    Meeting Pictures and Videos
  • Meeting Demonstration Photos
  • Post Meeting Photos - Ballgame & Skiing
  • Tracto Technik - K-Drill Video
  • MD300 Core Truck Video
  • Questar/PipeWinch Steel Service Replacement Video
  • TT Technologies PE Pipe Splitting Demo Video (Coming Soon)
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    Fall 2013 Meeting

    November 13-14, 2013 – National Grid


    Meeting Information:

  • Fall 2013 Keyhole Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Presentations:

  • GTI Fall 2013 Meeting Overview Presentation
  • Cold Weather Coring & Reinstatement Presentation
  • Reinstating Thin Core Presentation
  • Keyhole Training Presentation
  • Tellus Underground Presentation
  • Water Research Foundation Keyhole Demo in LA
  • Utility Contractor Keyhole Opportunity Paper
  • Jurisdicational Approval Presentation

    Other Keyhole Information from the meeting:

    Core and Core Restoration

  • Keyhole Coring Procedures and Tips
  • Utilibond Reference Manual
  • Core Reinstatement Procedure Video
  • Keyhole Valve Box Installation Video - Utilicor
  • Vacuum Excavation Safety Video – now available through AEM

    Vacuum Excavation

  • Vacuum Excavation Guideline Document

    Other Documents

  • Aldyl A Tee Keyhole Scraping video
  • Aldyl A Tee Repair Method – Enbridge
  • Aldyl A Tapping Tee Repair Instructions – Enbridge
  • UltraTrac APL (Acoustic Pipe Locator)
  • Kleiss Bag Stopping Technology Overview
  • Camera for Gas Services Investigation
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    Spring 2013 Meeting

    April 24-25, 2013 – Gas Technology Institute


  • April 2013 Meeting Agenda
  • Keyhole Technology Consortium Program Overview
  • Keyhole Implementation Training
  • Avista Aldyl-A /Steel Tee Remediation Program
  • Creating Well Planned Keyhole Procedures
  • MPX-SS Multi-Platform Coring Unit with Shide-Shift
  • Kravitch Keyhole Tools - Modular Pike Tooling System
  • Trenchless Methods for Service and Mainline Pipe Rehab and New Install
  • Live Lateral Gas Line Locating - Locate Live Plastic Gas Lines From Meter To The Main (With No Blow By)
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    Fall 2012 Meeting

    November 13-14, 2012 - Washington Gas Springfield Center


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    GTI_Keyhole_Agenda-Fall2012-Final.pdfNovember 2012 Meeting Agenda565 KB
    collapse Document Type : Other Keyhole Information ‎(6)
    Cold_Weather_Core_Reinstatements.pdfCold Weather Core Reinstatements - Utilicor633 KB
    Initial_Evaluation_of_Tellus_Underground_Technology_Corrosion_Protection_System.pdfEvaluation of Tellus Underground Technology Corrosion Protection System1076 KB
    Keyhole_Consortium_Program_2013.pdfKeyhole Collaboration Program - Continuation411 KB
    Pavement_Coring_Specification_v13-Final.pdfConstruction Specifications for Keyhole Pavement Coring and Reinstatement - Final636 KB
    Utilibond_Service_Bulletin-Surface_Cracks.pdfUtilibond Service Bulletin Surface Cracks847 KB
    Vacuum_Excavation_Guideline_v09_November_2011-DRAFT.pdfVacuum Excavation Best Practice & Guideline (General Document) - Draft494 KB
    collapse Document Type : Photos ‎(1)
    Keyhole_Nov2012_Meeting_Photos.pdfKeyhole Technology Fall 2012 Photos880 KB
    collapse Document Type : Presentation ‎(13)
    01-GTI_Keyhole_Overview_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfGTI Keyhole Technology Consortium Program Overview933 KB
    02-WGL_Keyhole_Program_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfKeyhole Technology at Washington Gas478 KB
    03-Miller_Pipeline_Keyhole_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfMiller Pipeline Keyhole Technology8237 KB
    04-NPL_Keyhole_Summit_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfKeyhole Technology at NPL1370 KB
    05-Super_Sucker_Hydrovac_Keyhole_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfSuper Sucker Hydrovac3086 KB
    06-NGRID_Keyhole_update_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfNational Grid US Keyhole Technology Program Over view367 KB
    07-GTI_Keyhole_Coating_Update_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfGTI Keyhole Update - Coating and Wrapping1386 KB
    08-Advanced_Tec_Material_Expanding_Foam-Nov2012.pdfAdvanced-Tec Materials, LLC - Pipeline Safety and Support Technologies733 KB
    09-Tellus_Keyhole_Confrence_Nov2012.pdfTellus Unground Technology - Procedure Development and Tool Design 3208 KB
    10-Jameson_Locating_Keyhole_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfJameson - Gas Line Tracer System1422 KB
    11-Keyhole_in_Europe_GERG_Update_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfKeyhole Technology in Europe - Focus on GERG Test3810 KB
    12-Valve_Box_install_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfUtilicor - Valve Box Test Station Installation1496 KB
    13-GTI_Training_Keyhole_Presentation-Nov2012.pdfGTI Training for Keyhole Consortium102 KB

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