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Tankless Integrated Space and Water Heaters
Integrated (or combined) space and water heat systems use a single 'thermal engine' to provide domestic water heating and space heating for a customer's home. Estimates suggest the installation of an integrated water/space heating system would reduce a customer's natural gas bill by over 200 therms annually. The technology category represents a promising next generation residential gas energy efficiency program which fits with traditional program delivery strategies, cost-effectiveness tests, and existing delivery channels (HVAC and plumbing contractors). A single measure addresses both major residential gas loads, and offers a single gas hook-up and single direct vent.
Rooftop Units (Including DOAS and Gas PACs)
GTI is working with the HVAC manufacturing community to expand the availability and adoption of cost-effective, high-efficiency rooftop space conditioning units and unit space heaters. Conventional non-condensing, gas-fired commercial rooftop units (RTUs) installed today typically offer 80% heating efficiency but high-efficiency, condensing units have the potential to upgrade efficiency from 80-93%. With the opportunity to save 14% of the gas consumed, indicating this market represents a significant untapped potential of gas savings for energy efficiency programs, especially with more northern utilities.
Advanced Heat Recovery Systems (for Large Commercial /Industrial Boilers)
The recently developed Ultramizer® advanced heat recovery system (AHRS), featuring GTI's patented Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC) technology, simultaneously improves boiler efficiency and reduces make-up water consumption by capturing over half of the waste heat and 20-40% of the water vapor in boiler exhaust gases without the need for large heat exchangers. Based on actual lab and field data, the Ultramizer® can raise the overall boiler efficiency from 78% to as high as 95%.
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