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Bringing members together to fund important, high potential projects


  Base Program ETP Projects/Demos
  • Emerging Technology
    Scanning-Screening-Selection Process
  • Commercial Partner Engagement
  • Establish Standardized Reporting Measurement
  • Program Member Meetings 2-3x/year
  • Territory/Regional Demonstartion & Scaled Field Placements
  • Comprehensive Data Collection & Analysis—Performance Data, Benefits, Market Niches, Costs
  • Deliverables
  • Recommendations on which Technologies Hold the Most Potential and Considered for ETP Projects/Demos
  • Education/Training—Summary Reports, White Papers, Case Studies
  • Full-Scale Program Design & Implementation Guide
  • Education/Training—Summary Reports, White Papers, Case Studies, Market/Behavioral Studies, Seminars, Workshops
  • Consumer Awareness Outreach
  • Local Market Standards Development
  • Contact us.