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Providing strategic guidance, implementation, and innovative integrated solutions to help transition energy-saving technologies to the marketplace


ETP is a member-driven collaborative focused on residential, commercial, and industrial efforts "beyond development" that can feed into future utility energy efficiency programs. The program's collaborative approach provides an opportunity for companies to share insights, leverage energy efficiency funds and help increase the transfer of technology between upstream innovations and the marketplace.

ETP efforts will work with a range of manufacturers and end use customers, including major North American accounts.


ETP offers access to GTI services and capabilities for energy efficiency program planning, implementation and assessment. GTI and its partners can work with your company to tailor or modify initiatives to address company or regionally specific needs and opportunities as well as ETP pilot or custom programs. We can also support a regulatory submission for ETP authorization.

GTI has a long history of working collaboratively with utility companies, regulatory agencies, local state/federal government, non-government organizations, manufacturers, channel partners, trade allies and other stakeholders to reduce the time and cost of getting new technology to market.

GTI is positioned to help utilities and their customers


Leverage Collaborative Resources and Increase Market Impact

ETP welcomes new partners to join the network of key industry players that are helping to push emerging technologies into the marketplace. Join your peers in our North American collaborative. Funders drive agenda and influence product/process deployments and evaluations to address the needs of their company, rate payers and the industry. The program's significant scale makes it attractive to commercial partners as a vehicle to expedite market introduction and acceptance of new efficient products.

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