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Ensuring a Safe and Reliable Energy Delivery Infrastructure

  • Data and Integrity Management
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Improvements
  • ​Environmental Matters, Enabling Renewable Gas, and Gas Quality
  • Breakthrough Technology
  • Materials and Analytical Testing
  • Chemical Research Services
    Data and Integrity Management

    GTI initiatives are aimed at making accurate, high-quality data readily accessible for analysis and decisionmaking. Our efforts to adapt commercially available smart phones and tablets and integrate GIS and GPS systems play a key role in automating field data collection.

    We are developing and evaluating technology, protocols, models, and training to help LDCs meet pipeline and distribution integrity management requirements.

    Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Improvements

    Efforts at GTI are enabling utilities to reduce the cost and improve overall efficiency of their construction and maintenance. Major areas of expertise include next generation materials such as higher-performance PE pipes and fittings, PA11 and PA12 high- pressure plastics, and composite materials.

    We are developing new tools and techniques for system installations, repairs, and rehabilitation. Keyhole technologies are one of the primary construction innovations our researchers are focused on, as they allow utilities and their contractors to expose and perform repair and maintenance work on their underground pipe and other facilities without resorting to more costly and disruptive conventional excavation methods.

    Environmental Matters, Enabling Renewable Gas, and Gas Quality

    Our team is focused on enabling a safe, green, and interchangeable supply mix. We apply our molecular genetics techniques to areas such as pipeline microbial corrosion prevention and treatment, microbial characterization, molecular biology, and anaerobic digestion studies. GTI offers a comprehensive corrosion testing service that directly detects and quantifies corrosion-causing microorganisms typically found in pipes, production wells, and other equipment used by the natural gas, petroleum, chemical, water, produced water, and wastewater industries.

    Our research projects add to our industry's understanding of the chemical and biological composition of renewable gas derived from a wide range of sources, including dairy waste, landfill, and wastewater treatment sludge. GTI is also working to establish a common understanding and knowledge base about gas quality and interchangeability issues based on good science. We are also exploring the nexus of biology and energy.

    Breakthrough Technology

    GTI is developing and implementing "step-change" technology to address key industry issues. We are improving leak survey activities, developing improved inspection technologies, and reducing third-party damage. Our efforts in automation and sensor technology support the vision of a smart energy infrastructure, which would include seamless communication and data management between the electric and natural gas infrastructures and would integrate renewable energy sources.

    GTI Testing Laboratories (accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025) specialize in performing ASTM and ISO tests, chemical analysis and gas research services, as well as customized analysis of metals, plastics, and composite materials for the natural gas, power generation, and water industries, in addition to other industries.

    Chemical Research Services

    For more than 40 years, GTI has been providing a wide range of energy measurement services unavailable in most commercial laboratories. They are used by energy companies and others to characterize a variety of materials, ensure efficient operation of gas-measuring equipment, and help improve the quality of the products they sell.

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