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The Methane Emissions Con​ference
September 25-26, 2018 | Energy Institute at CSU | Fort Collins, CO


Technology, Regulations, Measurement and Mitigation

On September 25-26, join us at Colorado State University for the fifth annual CH4 Connections conference, including a series of presentations and panel discussions on the key methane emissions issues facing the natural gas community, and the innovative solutions under development, in testing, or in use by gas utilities across the U.S.

Presented once again by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the Energy Institute at Colorado State University, this premier event will focus on the latest research and insights on natural gas emissions.

Methane Emissions Technology Workshop
September 24, 2018

In conjunction with the CH4 Connections conference, a one day workshop will focus on using optical gas imaging (OGI) for leak detection. The morning session will provide an overview of the technology, testing and validation of the technologies, how it is currently used by operators and explore other applications in the gas industry. It will also cover pros and cons of the technology and what to consider when using it as one of your leak detection tools. The classroom session will be followed by a demo of various OGI technologies at the Methane Emissions Test and Evaluation Center (METEC) at CSU.

(To attend choose the workshop option during registration for an additional $300 fee.)

Lory Student Center at Colorado State University
1101 Center Avenue Mall
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523

Methane Solution Roundup
September 26, 2018

Searching for the best methane detection and quantification solutions? Attend CSU’s Methane Solution Roundup, being held in conjunction with CH4 Connections, and find out which how specific technologies perform best in real onsite conditions.

In conjunction with the CH4 Connections conference, CSU will host a Methane Solution Roundup on September 26, 2018 to summarize the performance of methane technologies tested at CSU’s Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) over the summer, and to connect operators with vendors of methane emissions equipment and services. All technology solutions will be pre-tested for 1-2 weeks using a common protocol and realistic field conditions to ensure a fair and objective analysis. Admission to the Methane Solution Roundup and post-Roundup networking event is $200 per person.

Testing will occur from July to September 2018 at the Methane Emissions Test and Evaluation Center (METEC) at CSU.

(To attend choose the roundup option during registration for an additional $200 fee.)

If you are a vendor or operator interested in testing your methane emissions technology please contact us.

  • Operator Testing Participation Information
  • Vendor Testing Participation Information

    Contact conferences@gastechnology.org. for more information.

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  • Researche​rs
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
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  • Utility representratives
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  • 2-days of peer-reviewed environmental sessions
  • Leading Methane Emissions conference in the United States; exposure to industry thought leaders
  • Dynamic keynotes addresses and panels
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