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Our Portfolio Companies

GTI International, Inc. (GTII) is a holding company and wholly owned subsidiary of GTI. Through GTII, GTI is investing in an efficient, clean energy future to meet ever-escalating energy, operational, and environmental challenges.

We combine capital, technical expertise, infrastructure, and access to GTI’s global network of partners and customers, advanced laboratories, unrivaled training, and resources to help companies expand and grow.


On January 1, 2017, GTI International, Inc. (GTII) subsidiaries Fisher-Nickel, Inc., Davis Energy Group, Inc., and Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. (BKi) combined to become a new company, Frontier Energy, Inc. On January 1, 2018, CDH Energy and Frontier Associates joined the company.

Other Select Subsidiaries

LocusView Solutions, formed in 2014, brings commercial-scale geospatial technology and services to the natural gas industry. The comprehensive mobile and analytics platform for field data collection ensures regulatory compliance, improves integrity and public safety, and reduces O&M costs.

LocusView Tracking and Tracibility of underground pipes using mobile technology with real-time visibility using wifi 

Enovation Partners logo

In 2013, GTI helped launch a consulting firm, Enovation Partners, focused exclusively on serving the energy and infrastructure sectors. GTI supports Enovation Partners with technical knowledge and experience as it helps U.S. and multinational clients develop high-impact strategies, evaluate new technologies, assess the regulatory landscape, and navigate the business environment of a rapidly changing market.