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GTI Expert Kiran Kothari Receives Milton W. Heath, Sr. Memorial Award

Thursday, May 6, 2016

Photo of Dr. Kiran Kothari Receiveing the Heath Award at the AGA Operations conference in 2016On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Dr. Kiran M. Kothari, GTI Institute Engineer, Energy Delivery and Utilization, was presented with the 2016 Milton W. Heath, Sr. Memorial Award, sponsored by Heath Consultants, at the AGA Operations Conference in Arizona. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward the detection, prevention and repair of natural gas leaks.

Kiran received the award for his achievements in developing and conducting research on multi-million-dollar research and development programs related to the improvement of distribution, transmission, and storage operations of natural gas. Kiran’s current R&D responsibilities are focused on gas distribution operations, with objectives of reducing gas industry operations cost and improving safety.

He was acknowledged for his involvement in the development of successful deployable technologies that have directly contributed to the low-level leak detection of methane and ethane with various infrared, acoustic, and magnetic technologies. These technologies have the potential to avoid damages to facilities where leaks may exist that are not detectable through other technologies.

In the past, Kiran completed several R&D programs on improving high-pressure gas measurement accuracy, improving in-line inspection technologies for high-pressure gas transmission pipelines, improving gas storage technologies with emphasis on LNG storage and safety, and developing methodologies to quantify unaccounted-for-gas for the gas industry.

Kiran is a recognized leader on gas distribution and transmission research. For more than three decades, he has provided consulting and R&D management services to the natural gas industry. He was nominated to receive the award by Scott Kleppe, President and Chief Executive Officer of SENSIT Technologies.

“I’ve worked with Kiran on a number of projects over the past eight years—the Ultra-Trac® MJL (metallic joint locator), handheld PMD (portable methane detector), and ULTRA-TRAC® APL (acoustic pipe locator),” says Scott. “We have a great working relationship and Kiran is extraordinarily involved in making certain that new technologies can come to market and make gas operations safer and more effective. Lots of companies have been positively affected by his work.”

Kiran received his Ph.D. in Civil engineering from Colorado State University, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Nebraska, and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Bombay University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado, and a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Sigma Xi.

Kiran has published over 80 papers and reports, holds five patents, and has presented numerous papers. He has been honored with a Platinum Award of Merit at the American Gas Association (AGA) Operations Conference in May 2014, a Gas Industry Research Award in 2003, and an Award of Merit in 1992.


GTI Reduces its Carbon Footprint

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GTI’s “green team” was hard at work last Friday to help keep the planet healthy and build upon its corporate sustainability initiatives with Earth Day activities.

With a line-up of pallets stretching as far as the eye could see, GTI filled a truck with old electronics to be recycled, minimizing what goes into the landfill and reducing our environmental impact.

More than 35 employees volunteered their time and talent to spruce up around the GTI campus. New trees and perennials were planted and mulch was spread to make GTI's outdoor space more attractive and inviting. In addition to lifting peoples’ spirits, trees and perennials trap CO2 from the environment, produce oxygen, provide shade and windbreaks for buildings, and provide habitats for birds and other wildlife.

New patio tables were also added to GTI's café and main courtyards to provide new outdoor space for collaboration, creative thinking, and enjoying the nice weather this season.


GTI Green Team group photo Earth Day 2016
Photo of GTI Green Team members around a large planterPhoto of the pallts full of the old electronic items collect by staff ready for recycling
Photo of GTI Green Team members planting a flower bed by the employee enterance