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Gas Industry


GTI offers program management, contract research services, R&D funding support, and full-scale technology demonstration opportunities for natural gas industry customers. We can help our partners address their most critical and common concerns from wellhead to burnertip.

Collaborative Programs
In today’s economic environment, an individual company may not be in a position to independently fund an entire R&D project. GTI offers a consortium approach, through which a group of interested companies fund and help steer the direction of a project, while GTI manages the program and performs much of the research. These collaborative programs, which represent a great opportunity for utilities to leverage their R&D investments, include—

  • GTI Sustaining Membership Program (SMP), a collaborative research and development program that allows member organizations to jointly fund new technologies up to the point of “proof of concept,” while minimizing risk and increasing the probability of technical success
  • Operations Technology Development (OTD), a member-controlled partnership of gas distribution companies to develop, test, and implement new technologies related to safe and reliable operation of the infrastructure
  • Utilization Technology Development (UTD), a member-controlled partnership of natural gas distribution companies formed to conduct near-term applied research and to develop, test, and deploy energy-efficient end-use technologies.
  • Emerging Technology Program (ETP), a member-driven collaborative to accelerate the market introduction and acceptance of new emerging technologies to feed utility energy efficiency programs.
  • Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), which bring together U.S. and international companies interested in a similar scope of work to leverage funding and the knowledge and experience of all partners.
  • GTI is committed to broadening support for natural gas R&D that benefits gas consumers. Through the “Delta” program, our staff can serve as expert witnesses at rate cases and help you gain approval of R&D funding recovery.

    We can help you optimize new technology prior to commercialization. As your technology transfer partner, GTI will conduct full-scale field demonstrations to help you assess equipment performance in real-world conditions and help you transfer new technology to the marketplace.


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