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Environmental and Microbiology Laboratory


State-of-the-art microbiological research and testing services provided in this lab integrate molecular genetics techniques to areas such as pipeline microbial corrosion prevention and treatment, microbial characterization, molecular biology, and anaerobic digestion studies. Our microbial corrosion testing service uses quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) testing to directly detect and quantify (without prior growth) corrosion-causing microorganisms typically found in pipes, production wells, and other equipment. Our lab is one of only a few laboratories in the world that offers accredited DNA testing for microbial corrosion-causing microbe populations and is the first U.S. lab to receive A2LA accreditation for microbial corrosion testing services. This technique can be applied in the natural gas, petroleum, chemical, water, produced water and wastewater industries. Additional environmental capabilities are forensic chemical fingerprinting studies, including gas chromatography/isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (GC/IRMS), which measures stable isotope ratios of carbon to discriminate between different sources of carbon-containing contaminants.​


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