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Hydrogen Testing and Storage Laboratory


GTI has extensive facilities for working with high-pressure, cryogenic, and other novel combustible energy sources, including compressed hydrogen (up to 14,000 psig). We are able to design a variety of testing platforms to meet specific customer needs.

Our hydrogen storage laboratory has three advanced Sievert test systems coupled with a dynamic high-temperature/high-pressure TGA to obtain precise hydrogen storage capacities of materials of interest.

We offer a unique facility for conducting controlled testing, data collection, and evaluation of technolo-gies and products under a range of temperature conditions in a Class I, Division 2 electrically classified test lab that can be modified for specialized testing of combustible gases.

The large-scale environmental chamber (3,000 ft3) can be used for controlled and extreme temperature testing programs. It has a range of precision instrumentation including pressure transmitters, temperature measurement devices, and flow meters that is networked into a high-speed data acquisition system to capture multiple channels of information.

The environmental chamber includes a full-size hydrogen high-pressure cascade storage system. Hydrogen production, purification, and compression equipment capable of providing high pressure gaseous hydrogen for testing at fuel-cell quality purity and up to 14,000 psig is available.

Development of materials for hydrogen storage and storage using adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology to lower the cost of light-duty hydrogen fuel cell or natural gas vehicles are also primary areas of effort at GTI.​


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