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Fuel Cell Laboratories


GTI performs research on high-temperature (molten carbonate and solid oxide) fuel cells. Our laboratories include all the materials processing, fabrication, and testing equipment necessary for fabricating related components.

We also perform research on low-temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM), direct methanol, and alkaline fuel cell power systems. We have extensive experience making and testing fuel cell stacks through a vertically integrated in-house stack prototyping process, and we have also developed specialty systems such as bio fuel cells.

Our expansive testing facilities house multiple fuel cell test stations to test single cells and components, two stations for multi-cell stacks up to 5 kW, and one 12 kW test station; and fuel processor test bays that allow operational testing of prototypes from 50 watts to 25 kW capacities.

In addition, we have test stations for the evaluation of new catalyst formulations over a wide range of operating conditions with electrochemical instruments, FTIR, high temperature/high pressure TGA, a high-resolution microscope, and several high-temperature ovens. Vibro-mill and ball-mill systems are used to develop nano-size particles.​


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