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Pilot-Scale Gasification Campus


These highly instrumented facilities, offering innovative sampling and analytical systems and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to support parametric testing, assure that we and our clients have fully developed operating procedures and performance characteristics for commercial plants. Their flexibility provides independent or integrated systems testing. They are also available to outside users for pilot scale process testing.

  • Flex Fuel Test Facility
    The Henry R. Linden Flex-Fuel Test Facility (FFTF) evaluates gasification processes integrated with downstream syngas clean-up at nominally 1 ton/hr of coal or biomass feed rate to facilitate the commercialization of advanced technologies. It is home to the Aerojet Rocketdyne (AR) pilot-plant-scale advanced compact gasifier acquired by GTI in July 2015.
  • Advanced Gasification Test Facility
    A five-story facility integrated with process equipment in the FFTF houses advanced gasifier, gas processing, and syngas conversion systems to allow feed-to-product process development testing.
  • Acid Gas Treating Pilot Plant (AGTPP)
    The AGTPP is used for acid gas cleaning via solvents in a standalone mode for sour natural gas evaluations or integrated with the pilot-scale gasification test platforms at GTI for syngas treatment. The system can be used with many different chemical and physical solvents to treat up to 1.25 MMscfd.
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