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This facility is designed to foster the development and advancement of natural gas appliances and equipment, including improvements in efficiency, safety, performance, cost, and emissions. We have specialized expertise in residential space conditioning and water heating, with a focus on traditional equipment such as furnaces, boilers and HVAC systems; water heaters (advanced tank and tankless products); and cooking equipment for both residential and commercial food service applications.​

The PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), a fuel-neutral scientific testing facility in San Ramon, California is operated by GTI’s subsidiary, Frontier Energy. The facility performs equipment test services for manufacturers and end-users to determine the energy and performance characteristics of foodservice equipment and produces reports and documentation.

Within this facility, researchers develop and evaluate advanced steam and power technologies for industrial and large commercial application and combustion systems for use industrial process heating products and systems.​



GTI's CHP and Renewable Energy laboratory contains multiple types of low- to medium-temperature solar thermal technologies and associated end use equipment such as tank and tankless natural gas water heaters, boilers, space conditioning equipment and other technologies that can enable investigation of integrated or hybrid energy systems using solar thermal.


The lab provides technology solutions to the natural gas vehicle (NGV), hydrogen, and other alternative fueled transportation system sectors, with an emphasis on vehicles, fueling infrastructure, and safety. GTI has extensive capabilities and facilities for working with high-pressure and cryogenic natural gas and hydrogen, plus other novel combustible energy sources.


The test center is used for laboratory-scale development and evaluation of advanced combustion technologies for reciprocating engines, including waste heat recovery, recycling and novel cycles.